What is “Real QA for 9-1-1”?

Quality Assurance, to us, means exactly that. We are assuring the public we serve, that we are providing the highest level of quality service during their time of need.

How do we go about assuring the public that we are doing everything possible to provide the level of service they deserve? We certainly should not just randomly select events to evaluate, hoping that we will find deficiencies, or even potentially dangerous trends, that could lead to mistakes being made. Mistakes that can, and do compromise, the safety of the citizens and of our emergency first responders.

Real QA for 9-1-1 evaluates every incident every 24 hours, against a pre-defined set of rules for various time stamps of the incident. If any of these parameters are out of range, a Quality Assurance Review record is created and presented to the Quality Assurance Officer to be processed.

Incident Types can be be designated for automatic review, individually, or by group. A manual or automatic random selection with a myriad of selection criteria can be specified for selection of incidents not previously selected.