Quality Administration for Emergency Services


Efficiently manage and locate the data that is essential in the day to day operations of the 9-1-1 call center and Emergency Management.


Proven over 25 years in mission critical status.


Support is US based and available 24/7/365

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Rebecca Frazier

Rebecca Frazier

Assistant Chief, Admin Allegheny County PA

We highly recommend implementation of the QAES platform to any Emergency Dispatch and/or Operations Center.

Jeffrey R. Parish

Jeffrey R. Parish

Former Director Lawrence County, PA

The knowledge and experience level of the Quality Enhanced Management Systems, Inc. staff is reflective in the overall comprehensive design of their product, QAES.

News and Updates

Version Update

Quality Administration for Emergency Services (QAES) Update Notice: Date: November 14, 2022 Revision #: Problems Resolved: N/A Requests/Enhancements: External Documents – A request was made to be able to designate mapped network-drives in addition Read more…

Version Update

Quality Administration for Emergency Services (QAES)Update Notice:Date: October 3, 2022Revision #: Problems Resolved:Quality Assurance Review – On-Going Reviews: It was reported that a QA Reviewer was, in a very specific scenario, able to create Read more…

Version Update

Requests/Enhancements: Performance Reviews: Two (2) enhancements have been made to the Performance Review Notification window. 1. The ability to quickly create a new review (Renew) for pending reviews that are due. a. Click the push Read more…