Revision #:

Problems Resolved:
Personnel Window – Secure Data TAB: With the introduction of User Theme Options the Secured Phone
Number Fields were not displaying the complete Number within the “Secure Data” TAB.

Education Entry: A request was received to allow “specialty” Education/Training sessions for personnel that
may vary with the number of days as well as the total number of hours for a specific Training record. This
primarily focused on the ability to manage and report agency specific training sessions associated with
“counseling/remedial” types of sessions. – See New Items.

New Items:
Education/Training: From the request to be able to track and report the Education Entry Records.
There is a new Certification Level titled “Professional Development” and a new Course Type titled “Training Record” that are system records.

Creating a Course Title with a Certification Level of “Professional Development” will automatically set the Course Type as a “Training Record”.

A “Professional Development” level will also override the establishment of setting Course Title defaults. (i.e. Course Length, # Hours, etc.)

This will allow any Course with this Certification Level to have manually entered Total Hours.

In addition to or in-lieu of, you can establish specific Session Dates and Length of Sessions for each entry.

If entering Sessions, you do not need to enter the Total Hours, as all reporting will use the Total Session Hours.

Each Session line has a limited “Comment” field that’s limited to 40 total characters. If more detailed Comments are needed, you should use the regular “Comment TAB” area.

All Course Information is a “manual entry” process, including setting the Course as “Completed”.

NOTE: Because of the request indicating the potential need to add additional sessions and length of session for any given entry, the “Completion Status” must be set manually upon completion.

A new report is available titled “Professional Development Report” from the menu: Reports – Administration – Education Reports.

This report is also available as a “Subscription” option.