Revision #:

New Installer:

Located in the QAES\Installer folder titled “QAES_CountyName_V10_22_31896.msi”
that a user with workstation administration security rights needs to install on all workstations needing access to QAES.

QAES needs to be logged out on the workstation before the installer is run.
The installer will over-write the previous installation of QAES.

This should have been already been accomplished at the time of this overview, as there have been
significant updates to both the user interface as well as the database that this upgrade incorporates.

Problems Resolved:
Print Destinations: This updates resolves issues that would cause printing to a “pdf” destination to fail.


User Themes:

A request has been pending to allow users to select different visual themes for QAES.
This required a major application update and will be available after the above installer is executed on
the workstation.

Users can interactively change their theme from their User Menu – Themes item.

There are also keyboard-shortcut keys that can be used and are referenced in the
menu. i.e. <cntrl><shift>2 switches to the “Dark” Theme – <cntrl><shift>1 switches
to the “Default” Theme.

Quality Assurance – Workstation/Terminals:

A request was received to be able to exclude
workstations/terminals from the QA selection process, especially if those are MDTs or other dispatch
operations utilizing the CAD database. – Completed.

Each operation needs to assure the workstations/terminals that are to be included in the QA
processing exist in the “Quality Assurance – User Defined – Terminals” maintenance table and have
the QA indicator checked (will display as “YES” in the table listing).
Other workstations/terminals can be maintained in this table, for tracking purposes. If the
record does not have the QA indicator checked, it will not be included in the QA processing.
Prior to this update, everyone was informed of this requirement to assure they
reviewed the “Terminals” maintenance table.

Report Options:

A request to have a daily report of Incidents in a summary format that, based on incident
descriptions, could be available to send to select individuals. – Completed (See New Items)

New Items:

Report Options: With the request that was submitted, the following options have been implemented:
Individuals can have specific reports generated and emailed on a scheduled basis.
There is a new option in the “Secure Data” TAB section for personnel that is used to select
the report(s) to send and the frequency to send.
Frequency to send option determines the “date range” for the selected reports. i.e.
Daily, Date Range would be for the previous day. Weekly, will occur each Monday
for the previous week, Monthly & Quarterly will occur the 1 st day of the selection for
the previous period.
The reports are generated in a “pdf” format and will be placed in the
“Q:\QAES_Exports\Report_Subscription” folder.
Subscribed reports are automatically sent after the morning CAD Import completes.
There is a new menu item in Reports – Administrative – “Report Subscription” that will detail the
subscription assignments.

There are currently nine (9) reports available for subscription assignment:
Other reports can be made available upon request.


From the “User – Web-Security” TAB, security assignment capability has been updated so
users assigned to a “parent” service can be quickly provided assignment and authorization to the sub-
This will allow the re-assignment or duplicate assignment of personnel between “parent and sub-
services” via the web-portal.
NOTE: Once the web-portal updates have been implemented for this option, a separate
update will be sent.