Quality Administration for Emergency Services (QAES)
Update Notice:
Date: November 14, 2022
Revision #:

Problems Resolved:

External Documents – A request was made to be able to designate mapped network-drives in addition to the default “External Document Parent Directory” assigned in the Dispatch Center Info – “External Document Preferences” TAB. – Completed.

The new push-button “Permitted Storage Volumes” will open an entry window that any network mapped volume designation > “D” can be utilized.

Volumes A-D are system restricted so external documents cannot be stored on a local workstation.

NOTE: The existing directory paths (in the Web-Portal – System Parameters TAB and the External Documents TAB) contained in the Dispatch Center Information record should not be changed without consulting QEMS. Changing this can have a significant file association issue relevant to directory storage and retrieval of existing files.

This was reviewed during the November 10, 2022 user group meeting