Quality Administration for Emergency Services (QAES)
Update Notice:
Date: October 3, 2022
Revision #:

Problems Resolved:
Quality Assurance Review – On-Going Reviews: It was reported that a QA Reviewer was, in a very specific scenario, able to create an “On-Going” Review without entering a reason for the on-going review. – Resolved.

Education Expiration Date: A request to be able to override the calculated expiration date for Courses that allow an expiration date to remain the same Month – Day of the Course being renewed when the renewal is obtained earlier then the expiration month. – Completed.

You must use the calendar icon to select an expiration date if changing it from the calculated date.

Personnel Notification Device Selection Options:

A request to enhance the device selection options when establishing personnel notifications so the selected list of personnel could quickly have devices selected or deselected as a group. – Completed.

New Items: