Performance Reviews:

Two (2) enhancements have been made to the Performance Review Notification window.

1. The ability to quickly create a new review (Renew) for pending reviews that are due.
a. Click the push button and the Review Entry Window will open for the Review Type and
Individual. Previously you needed to go to the individual’s window and then manually “Add”
a new review.

2. The ability to “Stop” (End Renewal) the reminder that a New Review is Due.
a. Clicking the push button will prompt you with a “Yes/No” message that the “Scheduled
Renewal” for the individual is being discontinued.
This will especially be applicable when needing to stop repetitive “DOR” reviews.

New Items:
Dispatch Center Information – E-Mail Server TAB: There is a new entry field labeled “Display Name”. This can be used to have email/text messages to use a custom “From” display when notifications/alerts are sent. If the field is empty, the default is “QAES Notification”.


There is a new QAES Installer in the QAES\Installer folder titled
“QAES_CountyNamePA_V10_22_31644.msi” that a user with workstation administration security rights
needs to install on all workstations needing access to QAES.
QAES needs to be logged out on the workstation before the installer is run.
The installer will over-write the previous installation of QAES.
This should be installed on all workstations at the earliest convenience, as there have been
significant updates to both the user interface as well as the database that this upgrade incorporates.