A request was received to further enhance the ability to adjust the font size for additional windows, similar to what was available on the Quality Assurance Window. – Completed (See New Items)

A request was received to be able to “renew/extend” scheduled Expiration Notifications. – Completed (See
New Items)

Performance Reviews: Previously, once a performance review was entered for an individual the reviewer
was unable to edit the review once saved. Modifying a review is now available by the reviewer until it is
digitally signed by the reviewed. (Reviews pending signature display in Red in the “Reviews TAB” on the
individual’s window.)

Web-Portal Enhancement: An update to the Web-Portal has been implemented that has separate areas for web announcements and Scheduled Education Courses. Previously these were in the same area.

New Items:
Font Size: Multiple windows have been updated to allow font size adjustments in areas that are multi-line
entry fields.
Font size adjustment can occur:
Within a specific multi-line entry field, via the font size adjustment icon –
On an “as needed” basis for all multi-line fields on the currently open window.
This option will display on all “Quick-Look” windows and will only show on the main
menu bar if the option is available for the open window.
There are also “keyboard shortcuts” available.
Increase – Ctrl Shift +
Decrease – Ctrl Shift –
Default – Ctrl Shift D

The User can establish a “default font size”.
User defined Default Font Size can range from 9 through 18. A user’s initial default font size is 9.
The user can still adjust font sizes, on need, even if they set a default.

There is a brief video overview of the Font Size Adjustment located in the “Documents” TAB of our
Service window.

Renew/Extend Scheduled Expiration Notifications:

Individuals responsible for monitoring/maintaining Scheduled Expiration Notifications can renew from the Commands Menu – Notification Menu – “Scheduled Expiration Notifications”.

Renewing a Scheduled Expiration Notification will:
Create a duplicate of the original with a new Expiration Date.
The new Expiration Date will automatically be calculated based on its replacement
with an option to modify the expiration date, if appropriate.
If the Renewal is associated with a Support Ticket, a new Note will be added to the
Support Ticket record for the renewal.
Notifications will be sent to the designated contacts regarding the renewal.

Email Notifications:

Notifications/Alerts/Updates being sent from QAES “From” designation.